Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apply to host a Coffee Mate event!

Do you love Coffee Mate? Here is a great opportunity to share your love of Coffee Mate.

To celebrate the launch of our newest coffeehouse flavors, Caramel Macchiato, Café Latte, and White Chocolate Caramel Latte, host a COFFEE-MATE® Café Party on FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY!

As a host of a COFFEE-MATE Café Party you will...

Enjoy and share the newest collection of café creamer flavors from COFFEE-MATE® featuring Caramel Macchiato, Café Latte, and White Chocolate Caramel Latte.

Choose one of four entertainment themes to host your party with kits loaded with fun activities – Bistro Baking, Classic Game Night kit, Art Party, or Office Party.

Give party attendees free product coupons to purchase any one flavor of COFFEE-MATE®.

Receive exclusive COFFEE-MATE® recipes, party tips, and insider news on FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY.

Apply Now For Your Chance to Host a Café Party!

As a member of the Coffee Mate Brew Crew I have had a chance to host a Coffee Mate party. This is a great way to share Coffee Mate with friends and family. I am so excited that everyone gets the chance to apply to host a party!


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