Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Purex Complete Crystals Softener review!

A few weeks ago I found out that I was accepted to be a Purex Insider. I love Purex laundry detergent. I use the Purex 3in1 sheets every time we travel. As a Purex Insider I will get the chance to check out Purex products and share them with you. My first opportunity to try out a new Purex product arrived last week. I was given the opportunity to try out Purex Complete Crystal Softener. I received a sample of the Fresh Spring Waters scented Purex Complete Crystal Softener to use with our laundry.

First I have to tell you that the box the product came in was amazing. It was super cute and stylish. I have never seen a laundry product displayed that nicely. When I first smelled the crystals I was surprised at how strong the scent is. I have allergies and try to stay away from super strong scents so I do not get a headache. I am hoping that Purex comes out with an unscented version of this product really soon because it does some amazing things.  I have not smelled the other two scents that the Crystals come in. I look forward to smelling the Tropical Splash scent.

When I first looked at the crystals I was not sure how they worked or were to put it in the washing machine. Unlike other softeners the crystals are tossed in with your clothes. You do not have to add it to a certain section of the washing machine. The crystals infuse your laundry with a fresh scent and do not leave a residue.
One thing I learned is that almost all traditional liquid fabric softeners are oil-based. This means that they actually coat the fabrics in oil. Over time this oil can build up and decrease the lifespan of your clothes. Purex Complete Crystal Softeners are 92% natural. This means that they are not oil based. I do not use fabric softeners very often because I have heard they cut down on absorbency of towels and I am pretty lazy when it comes to laundry. I want to toss it in and have it take care of itself.I like the fact that I can add the Crystals to my laundry when I toss the clothes in and it does all the work from there.

There is one really important thing I found out for parents!
The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates that garments designated for sleepwear for children must meet certain flame-retardant standards. Clothing must be flame resistant and self-extinguish if they come in contact with a small flame. Clothing fibers are treated to meet these standards and the effectiveness of this treatment can be impaired when coated with the oily residue left by most liquid fabric softeners. Purex Complete Crystals Softener is the 1st major fabric softener that is considered safe to use on children's sleepwear. 

Another great thing that I found out is that Purex Complete Crystal Softeners can be used with workout clothes and not reduce the fabrics ability to wick away moisture and sweat.  My husband wears a lot of these items under his uniform.  I like knowing that I can wash his shirts with the Purex Crystals and not take away from what the shirt was made to do. He works outside all summer and the sports shirts are a really good thing for keeping him comfortable.  I also like that the shirts hold the scent for a while which helps with my husband sweating in his uniform.  Traditional liquid fabric softeners can leave a oily residue which inhibits the shirts ability to wick away moisture and sweat.

Are you ready to try out this new product? Purex Complete Crystal Softener is available in 3 scents:
Fresh Spring Waters
Lavender Blossom
Tropical Splash

Purex Complete Crystal Softener should be available at Walmart starting today 12/28. I checked this morning at the Airway Heights location and they did not have it out yet. Hopefully it will hit the shelves soon here in Spokane.


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