Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celebrating 1 year without Soda = $1450.80 in savings for us

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of me giving up soda. John was able to give it up a week or so before me. I had to slowly work my way off of drinking it. Last night we sat down and figured out how much money we saved over the past year by giving up soda. These numbers are rough estimates. It was probably a lot more money than what we figured out last night. We went with an average price and average soda drinking over the year. There were times that we drank a lot more than the average. Did I mention that we drank a lot of soda! I always had a soda in my hand or near me at my desk.
I am amazed that it has already been a year since we gave it up. I have had a few moments were one sounded good but I did not allow myself to have one. I feel much better drinking water.

1 year without soda saved us:

12 pack of soda -average price paid $3.00
X 6 a week = $18.00
X 52 weeks = $936.00

John used to get a soda every day at the gas station near his work
Soda Refill = $1.18/ day
x 5 days a week = $5.90
X 52 weeks = $306.80

Restaurant sodas
Average of eating out once a week, we had times before our wedding and during the summer that this was a lot more often.
$2.00/soda X 2 = $4.00 a visit
X 52 weeks = $208.00

Total saved by not drinking soda for 1 year = $1450.80

$1450.80 is more than we spent on a 14 day Caribbean cruise this fall. By giving up soda we were able to take an amazing vacation and still have money left over.


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