Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cellphone Postcard - Reminder - FREE postcards

I was given the chance from BZZAgent to try out Cellphone Postcards. I used the postcards when we were in Hawaii last month. I have to tell you this may be my new favorite thing!
Here is the coolest part - You send text message pictures to the company and they make a postcard with your picture. I was unable to use this feature because T-Mobile is not yet set up on their program. I was able to upload my own photos to their website and sent the postcards direct from the site.
It was so easy to set up! I went in before we left and entered the addresses that I thought we would send cards to. When I had pictures I wanted to send I simply uploaded them to the site and wrote out my message. The company sent out the postcards to my recipients and as a bonus I received a copy in the mail also. It was great coming home to find copies of all of the cards that we had sent.
The picture above is John with the wild turkeys walking behind him. We sent this to his family who thought it was funny to see him with turkeys.
Cellphone Postcards gives you 10 FREE postcards just for signing up!
I think these would be a great way to send grandparents updated photos or friends pictures from a group outing.

I was given a set of postcards to try for free. My opinion is my own.


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