Monday, January 10, 2011

Kodak Gallery - 2010 Year in Review

Last week I was contacted by Kodak Gallery to see if I wanted to participate in their 2010 Year in Review project. I jumped at the chance to do anything with Kodak Gallery. They produce amazing photo books and photo projects. They told me that I would be getting a 2010 Year in Review kit to help make a photo book. I have to say I had no clue what would be included in this kit. I had a few ideas but can honestly say I was way off from what was actually in the kit.
I took a picture of the kit contents to share with you! I thought everyone would enjoy the contents of the box and thinking back on your 2010 memories. I love making year in review books! I think this is a great way to show off an amazing year in one book. We make photo books for every trip we go on and also fun events. I think a year in review book is a great way to show off your year without dropping a ton of books in someones lap and saying here you go....

Here is a photo of the kit that I received

Were you picturing the items above when you thought of a year in review kit?

Here is what was in the kit and why

Luggage Tag
Think about your great vacation moments from this year
What Kodak moment did you have while traveling?

US Flag
What celebrations did you have this year
Do you have any great Kodak moments that come to mind?

Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged in November.
 Did you celebrate any engagements, weddings or anniversaries in 2010?

Sports Themed Chocolates
Did you watch any amazing games in 2010?
Did you participate in any sporting events?

Box of Crayons
Did you have any Kodak moments this year at school?
Was it a big school year for your child?

Fake Snow, Flowerpot, and Sunscreen
What seasonal Kodak memories did you experience in 2010?
Building snowmen, spring flowers, summer sunshine, or fall leaves

Did you celebrate anything special this year?
Did you surprise someone with an amazing event or gift?

Did you work on your house?
What changes did you make in 2010?

Pocket Mirror/Comb
As you look towards 2011 make sure you are always ready for a Kodak moment!

I hope that these items help you think back on 2010 with fond memories! I am working on putting together my 2010 year in review book from Kodak Gallery right now. I can't wait to share will all of you how it turns out.

Melebelly decided to check out the Year in Review kit while I was trying to take a picture of it:

I was provided with a 2010 Year in Review kit and photo book from Kodak Gallery. All thought and opinion are my own.


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