Monday, January 3, 2011

P&G Rebate update

If you took part in the Proctor & Gamble rebate for the magazine subscriptions that were included in the gift sets here is an update!

I received a letter in the mail from Glamour saying they were unable to refund my request because the refund exceed the maximum allowable threshold. I called Glamour and asked them to explain why they would not refund the request. They said that it is only 1 per household. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained that the form does not say 1 per household anywhere on it. She said that they have mailed me 3 refunds but the 4th one would not go through. She was able to extend my current Glamour subscription for an additional year since the refund would not go through as a check.

I would make sure you watch your mail for a letter from Glamour. Just in case your refund gets questioned. She said that the refunds that have been processed went through for me on December 17th so hopefully I will have checks coming in soon.

I received 2 checks in the mail today!


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