Saturday, January 8, 2011

Savings January 1-7, 2011 - Saved $510.14 with coupons and sales this week!

We are one week into our New Years goal of saving $10,000 dollars this year. I have to say I am starting to wonder if I need to raise the goal. We will see how we look at the end of the month. This week we did visit a lot of stores checking out the sales and using coupons. Here is what we have saved so far:

Total Saved - $510.14
OOP spent - $136.47
% saved - 78.89%
Total left to save to reach goal - $9489.86


Anonymous said...

Wow Tam! That is wonderful! Keep it up!
Kim S

Tammilee said...

Thanks Kim! It was a great week of couponing to start the year off!

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