Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spokandy - 50% off! $8 for $16 worth of candy - Perfect for Valentines Day!

$8 for $16 Worth of Gourmet Candy at Spokandy

50% savings

I think this will be perfect for Valentines Day!!!

Before the invention of candy, mankind had to make do with "nature's candy"—fermented cabbage, fruit the monkeys didn't want, and live, feather-covered Peeps. Savor modern treats with today's Groupon: for $8, you get $16 worth of gourmet candy at Spokandy, which has locations on West 3rd Avenue and in Coeur d'Alene.

Spokandy forges old-fashioned confections from gourmet ingredients and unadulterated chocolate. The Murphy—the candy that coincided with Spokandy’s 1913 inception—disguises its creamy vanilla nucleus in a milk-chocolate cloak that’s coated with toasted coconut ($7.50 for a 5 oz. package). Mint fans can replenish their empty reservoirs with white-chocolaty pastel mints, which emanate beams of cool peppermint and Easter-colored rays from within a 6 oz. package ($5.50). Sate your thirst for bon-bons with English almond toffee ($9), huckleberry pretzels ($5.99), pecan-caramel patties ($9), and myriad other sweetmeats. Sugar-free options are available for candyvores who dislike the taste of sugar.

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