Saturday, January 1, 2011

Started the New Year with a great day of savings!

I started the New Year off with some great savings today! We were able to find some amazing after Christmas sales and even watch a bowl game at Hooters with a coupon. Here is what we did today:

I was reminded today at Walgreens why it is always important to have your coupon binder with you! They had a ton of shampoo and conditioner clearance price

Dove Conditioner
Regular Price $4.49
Clearance Price - $1.19
Dove coupon - -$1.00 off
Total price for full size conditioner = $.19

Target had a ton of stuff still on 75% off for after holidays. This is the first time I have made it into a Target since Christmas and I was amazed at how much stuff they still had.

Original price = $47.94
Clearance sale price - $7.94
a savings of $40.00

We went to Walmart in Spokane Valley and they had a ton of Christmas items for 75% off. We loaded up on candy canes for my parents. They use them with their hummingbird feeders and have not been able to find them in Lakewood on sale.

Original Price = $11.80
Clearance Price = $2.95

A year or so ago we cut back our cable package to the basic level. Due to this we no longer get the sports channels that show the bowl games. John was off today and really wanted to watch a football game. We decided to go to Hooters after receiving a email with a great coupon! John was able to get a chicken sandwich and a beer for $5.00! If you would like to sign up for Hooters of Spokanes newsletter click here
I suggest signing up for any email newsletters you can for your favorite restaurants. Hooters in Spokane sends out a ton of great coupons via email. 


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