Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walgreeens trip - 1/3/11

Walgreens Shopping trip 1-3-11

I finally found the finish dish tabs! We picked up 2 boxes of them and a couple other items.

finish tabs
Regular price - $5.49
Sale price - $3.49
Used $2.25 off 1 from last weekends paper
Final cost - $1.24
Received a $1.50 Register Reward towards my next purchase
making this a $.26 money maker

Renpure Organic Shampoo
Regular price - $6.99
Try me free refund slip attached to shampoo
Final price = FREE

Selsun Blue Naturals
Regular price - $8.99
Clearance price - $2.29
came with a small bottle of Gold Bond Ultimate lotion attached
John found this on the shelf and wanted to try it.

This would have cost $26.96 without coupons and sale prices.
After coupons, rebates and register rewards I paid - $2.75 including tax

While we were at Walgreens we had a great conversation with the cashier. She let me know that their Walgreens is strictly holding customers to 1 register reward deal. They are not allowing customers to do multiple transactions. This was put into place because they had a couple of customers come in every Sunday morning and wipe out the entire store of product. The cashiers ended up getting yelled at by other customers for the rest of the week because they were out of product. They have put this into place to make sure that everyone has a chance to buy the products.
I thought this was a really good chance to remind everyone to make sure we are treating the cashiers in a positive manner. They take a lot from some customers when the store is out of a product. She told me that they have been yelled at, lied to and just treated horribly.


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