Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wine rebates

I have been seeing a few great wine rebates at the store lately.
Here are a few that I thought were really good!

Lindemans or Meridian Vineyard Wines
Rebate attached to the bottle for savings up to $18.00
Save $3.00 on 1-2 Bottles
Save $9.00 on 3-5 Bottles
Save $18 on 6 bottles

Currently at Albertsons
Meridian & Lindemans
Regular price $9.99
sale $6.65
- Rebate of one bottle - $3.00
Final price $3.65 a bottle!

Bella Sera, Black Swan, Turning Leaf, Redwood Creek
Save $2.00 when you purchase 1 750ml size bottle
Rebate attached to the bottle

Turning Leaf at Albertsons
Sale price through Jan 31st - $6.99
-mail in rebate attached to bottle - $2.00
Final price - $4.99

Concannon, Cupcake or Big House
Save $3.00 a bottle up to 6 bottles
Rebate attached to display


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