Saturday, February 26, 2011

$35 for a Bike tune up at The Bike Hub - Spokane ($70 value)

$35 for a Bike Tune-Up at The Bike Hub ($70 Value)

($70 Value)

The top three most efficient modes of human-powered transportation are (in no particular order): Flintstone cars, bicycles, and a palanquin carried by the various monarchs you've conquered and overthrown. Make sure the most feasible of these is in perfect working order with today's Groupon: for $35, you get a performance bike tune-up (a $70 value) at The Bike Hub.

Named one of the top five bike shops in Spokane by Best of Spokane in 2010, The Bike Hub’s talented techs tweak spokes and clean chains to restore pedaling power and road-mauling mojo. The performance tune-up revives sagging pedal ponies by adjusting the derailleurs to ensure timely shifting during steep climbs, and a brake adjustment helps prevent riders from speeding out of control past roadrunners and riding straight off a cartoon cliff. Eager to collect memorabilia on every ride, the chain is cleaned of dirt, gunk, and souvenir spoons before a healthy dose of lube protects it from further abrasion. Similarly, the cables are lubed for smooth shifting and a longer life. Cable housings are checked for cracks, and eagle-eyed techs also inspect the rear derailleur to ensure proper alignment. All major bearing systems and hubs are adjusted, and both wheels are treated to a precision truing to restore roundness and rid asymmetric reminders of catastrophic collisions. A hardware check ensures that components aren’t compromised and can handle the required torque. Any necessary repair parts are installed for no additional charge. Before bike and rider are reunited, the tires are checked and properly inflated so each two-wheeler can roll out the door and off into the sunset.

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