Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crazy good Conagra sale at Albertsons this week!

The Conagra deal at Albertsons this week is crazy good especially here in Eastern Washington. I went out bright and early this morning and was excited to see how great the sale really is.

After talking with a few cashiers I wanted to remind everyone of the "rules" for this promotion. I heard from some of the cashiers that people were not taking the 3 transaction rule very well. Albertsons "rule" is that you can only do 3 transactions at a time. Once you finish those transactions you can take your groceries to your car and walk right back in and do it again. This enables other customers to get through the line in a timely manner.

I did the majority of my shopping at the Liberty Lake store this morning. I have to say I love this store. They were fully prepared for this sale and excited for it. I love that they embrace couponers and really want us to visit their store. They are more than happy to work with us and make sure that we get what we need.

Here is what I did today to get started with this great deal
(Eastern Washington/North Idaho deals are different from anywhere else, we are on a new computer system that processes Catalina's differently.)

I purchased 9 Healthy Choice soup for $9.00
and received a $10.00 Catalina back

I then purchased 13 packs of Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding
I used 3 -$.60/4 coupons
I paid $.20 OOP and received another $10 Catalina

Purchase 10 Healthy Choice soups - $10
Pay with $10 Catalina
Final price - $0.00
Receive another Catalina

In talking with the store employees they said that the Healthy Choice soup you see in the store is all they are going to get. The warehouses are out of soup right now and they do not expect to get any in this week. I talked to one store and they said that all of their product was on the floor. If you are thinking about doing this deal I would highly suggest going tonight or tomorrow.


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