Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frugal February - Day 1

Today is the first day of Frugal February!
This month I will be posting tips, tools and challenges that are focused on being frugal.

I thought I would start the month off with a tip and a challenge

Frugal Tip -How to find coupons
Coupons are no longer only available in the Sunday paper. You can now find coupons online, in store, by mail, and attached to products. I look for coupons every time I am in a store or online. Online coupons provide you with the choice of which coupons you want to print. You do not have to print every coupon only the ones that you will use. I look for coupons every morning when I turn on the computer. When I see a coupon for a product that we enjoy I make sure and print it right then. Some coupons are released in limited numbers. You want to make sure that you print coupons as soon as you see them. That way you do not go back in a few hours or days and the coupon you wanted is gone.
Over the next few weeks I will talk about how to organize and store all of your fantastic coupons!

Frugal February -Challenge #1
Print an online coupon

Today's challenge is to print a coupon online. You can print 1 coupon or 100 depending on what you find. I know that some of you print coupons every day and others have never tried it.
 If you print coupons every day try and find a coupon that you can double at Albertsons this week. (Yes we are getting Albertsons doublers tomorrow 2/2/11! You can double a coupon up to $1.00)
If you have never printed a coupon before try and find a coupon for a product that your family already enjoys. This is a great way to start couponing. You can start with 1 coupon or print as many as you find.
Let me know if you are taking part in this challenge and what coupons you printed!

Here are source for online Coupons


Musings By Michele said...

Love this post. Just printed off some hair color coupons on coupons.com CVS has a deal next week on them, so stocking up!

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