Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh what an afternoon it has been

Have you ever had an afternoon you wished you could erase? That is what I am having right now. A few hours ago I decided to treat myself to a nice hot bath. I had the house to myself and was ready for a moment of relaxation. I filled the bath with steaming water and hopped in. As I was reaching for a magazine things went sideways quickly. My lovely new Windows phone that I love plopped right into the tub. I quickly grabbed it and wiped it off. I jumped out of the tub grabbed a way too small towel and proceeded to run around in circles. I finally found the bag of rice I was looking for and after patting the phone dry and removing the battery placed it in the rice. I have heard that this is the only way to save a phone and am really hoping it works.

After finally grabbing a robe so I was no longer flashing my neighbors as I ran around the house I decided to try and find my old phone. I reached into a cabinet to get it and managed to knock over a Xmas present that we recently picked up for next year and shatter it.

AHHH Some days you just wish you could rewind a few hours and try again.
I am really hoping that these moments of craziness are finished and I can move on today without breaking anything else.

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful Friday!
If you decide to take a wonderful relaxing bath take my advice.....Put your cell phone far far away from the nice steaming water.


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