Friday, March 25, 2011

Great trip to Walmart this afternoon - I love the new coupon policy!

I had a great trip to Walmart this afternoon. I am loving the new coupon policy!!!

Here's what I picked up
2 packages of Cottonelle Ultra 12 pack TP
1 box of Pop Tarts (John has been dropping hints that he wanted some)
7 boxes of Yakisoba Meals
4 packages of Gain Dryer Sheets
Total before coupons = $27.88
Minus Coupons - -$16.00
New Total = $11.88 + 1.86 Tax = $13.74
Final Price $3.74
The best part is I paid with Walmart Gift Cards I had from another rebate.


Pamela said...

What is Walmart's new policy? You made out like a bandit. :-) Yeah you!

tatillison said...

WalMart now gives you credit for coupon overages.
Gain dryer sheets $1.87
Coupon for $3.00 off
Overage of $1.13
I had 4 coupons so I ended up with $4.52 in overages I used for the poptarts and balance of the yakisoba.

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