Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank goodness for gas discounts!

Thank goodness for gas discounts. We were able to save $21.00 last night at Albertson's using our gas discount. If only it worked everytime you fill up!

This is what we started at!

This is what it dropped down to!

How much is gas right now in your neck of the woods? What are you doing to lower your fuel costs? Any ideas or tips that you can share so we can all benefit would be great.



It's $3.81 the last time I fill up at a Costco Gasoline station. But the rest of the other gas stations here in South and East Bay Area in California, $4.00++

Musings By Michele said...

$3.55 in Central PA...uuggh, I love my gas discounts, too...I don't usually spend enough at grocery store to get much, but anything helps. You have to spend $50 in one shot to get a 10 cent discount, but the discount goes on before coupons come off! :) 40 cents off right now & I have until April 1 to accumulate.

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