Wednesday, April 27, 2011

$8 for $16 worth of Chinese Fare and Drinks at Peking Palace - Spokane Valley

$8 for $16 Worth of Chinese Fare and Drinks at Peking Palace in Spokane Valley

In its warm and unassuming atmosphere aglow in red, purple, and gold, Peking Palace has been culinarily composing more than 120 sizzling Hunan, Szechuan, Mandarin, and Cantonese dishes for more than 30 years. Those longing for lunch and libations may peruse plenteous lunch menu items, such as kung-pao chicken ($7.50) or a cantonese combination plate of beef lo mein and sweet and sour chicken with fried prawns for taste buds unsatisfied with the singular ($7.85).

Those who decamp at dusk or elude noon with endless westbound flights will find refuge in oodles of dinner menu items. Give chopsticks a practice round with appetizers such as salt and pepper calamari ($7.75) or egg rolls ($4 for two). A spicy plate of Szechuan Village seafood—shrimp, scallops, and squid ($14.95)—is complemented with a small cup of egg flower soup and small ships of discontented pilgrims ($1.95). Fire off multiple rounds of flavor with a Palace platter special , such as the barbecued pork with fried wonton, egg roll, and fried prawns, accompanied by soup, fried rice, and a mandarin salad ($12). Vegetarians and vegetable scouts may entrance taste repositories with mushrooms and steamed tofu over fresh broccoli ($10.50).

Peking Palace decants a bevy of cocktails, beer, and wine as less-chewy meal accompaniments. For special occasions, Friday evening karaoke offers the opportunity to renege reality-show whispering-competition submissions and belt it out instead.

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