Saturday, April 9, 2011

House Party - Fresh Wave Freshen Up Your Life Party - Accepting Applications

Host a Fresh Wave Freshen Up Your Life House Party

House Party
June 4, 2011

Here's a great way to freshen up your life while spending time with your friends and family! Host a Fresh Wave® Freshen Up Your Life House Party™, and see firsthand that wherever there's an odor, there's a Fresh Wave® solution! Invite your guests to experience the power of nature and see how Fresh Wave® products eliminate odors with simple, green ingredients — and freshen up your home and your life!

If you're selected as a host you will:

• Enjoy games and activities showing how easy it is to get rid of unwanted odors.

• Serve simple, delicious recipes — and see how quickly those lingering cooking odors can be removed.

• Share the safe, effective, environmentally friendly ways Fresh Wave® products can freshen up everyone's lives.

And to help make it all happen, we'll send you a FREE party pack full of great gifts, goodies and helpful tips that'll show you and your guests how to freshen up for good!

Hosting opportunites are limited.


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