Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest article - Just Between Friends Sale -Tacoma

One of my friends from High School wrote this great article for everyone about the Just Between Friends Sale in Tacoma! If you are interested in attending the Spokane JBF Sale coming up on April 8-10 at the Spokane County Fair Grounds.......I have FREE Tickets!!!

Just Between Friends-Tacoma Sale

Hi my name is Kim Sandusky. I have participated in the Just Between Friends (JBF) sale a few times. I am a consigner and a shopper. I have made over $1000.00 between two sales. This is my third sale! Each time it gets bigger and better! Here is what you can expect at a JBF sale.

Here is my car all packed up and ready for me to unload and put out on the sale floor. I had strollers, clothing, shoes, toys, books and anything else I was ready to part with. They have a mommy mart for household items that are not kid related! Altogether I think I had about 7 boxes of stuff. Then all the stuff that was too large to fit in a box. The consigner is responsible for making sure all items are clean and labeled as well as for putting all items on the sale floor.

I also had my mom come along with some more in her car.  She had a bike, clothing, and another box of stuff.

Here is my beautiful mom putting out the clothing.  Clothes are sorted by gender and size.  When you check in you put our clothing at an inspection station.  They look for anything with stains or other problems.  If they find something wrong they set it to the side and let you decide what to do with the item.  You can either get rid of it there or take it back home.  After the clothing is inspected you put it on the sale floor.

Here are some pictures of the sale floor.  This sale actually took up two areas.  The building held the clothing, toys, books, mommy mart, and other baby products.  The outside tent held the larger items.

Items were sorted by type.  You could find bouncers, swings, high chairs, strollers, ride on toys, bikes, beds, jungle gyms, etc…  I was impressed by the selection!

Here you see one row of clothing!  Yes one row!  I did not count but they had row after row of clothing!  All hung up and organized!  You also see the toy section with the book and game section in the background.
Okay now the really fun stuff….time to shop!  Because I put fliers in my sons’ school I was credited 12 hours of volunteering and got to shop the sale first!  This is a great bonus!  I had an agenda.  First I needed look for clothing for my 7 year old son.  He hit a growth spurt and his pants and shirts are all looking small on him!  To the boy section I went!  Here is what I got!
Boy Clothing: (Total Cost to me 33.50)

1 brand nes Faded Glory T-Shirt $2.00

1 Nike Baseball T-Shirt $2.00

1 Old Navy Soccer T-Shirt $2.00

1 Brand New Red Polo Shirt $3.50

2 Children's Place Tank Tops $2.50 each

2 Pair of Athletic Shorts $5.00 for both

Black Baseball Pants $2.50

White Baseball Pants $2.00

Sport Pants that unzip into shorts $4.00

2 sets of Mario Pajamas $5.50

Then I went to see what was in the girls section for my 4 year old.

Girls Clothing: (Total cost to me $25.50)

Old Navy Pink Leggings $1.00

Disney Ariel Swim Suite $4.00

Carters P.J.’s $4.00

Crazy 8 Shirt with Pink Pants $3.50

Purple flower shirt with capri pants and shorts $3.00

Gymoboree 4th of July Shirt $3.50

Red with stars skirt $2.50

Gymborree Blue Flower Dress $4.00

In the second picture you see the best find of the night! My daughters favorite dress in a bigger size! She wore this dress all summer long and still tries to wear it during the winter. It is from Gymboree and is no longer available in the stores. The beautiful thing about Consignments is you find clothing from previous years. So I search in hopes of finding this particular dress! When I found it I did a little happy dance and smiled so huge! The cost of it? Probably more than I would have spent normally but it was a special piece, $7.50. It came with matching barrettes which we did not own.

Other Stuff I found at the sale! (total cost to me $29.50)

Left handers T-ball Glove: $5.00

Red Sparkly Shoes $3.50

Tap Shoes $4.00

3 Bags of blocks $9.00

Truck book $1.00

Lettuce book $1.50

3 Angelina Ballerina Books $1.50 each

2 Native American Books $.50 each

Total Cost $101.10 dollars

So that is a summary of my experience with the sale. I have just about 300 items for sale this weekend and will let you know how it goes! I find out Sunday night!


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Hello Tiffany said...

I live in Tacoma, so I'd love to attend this!

Allison Stephens said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing your JBF story Kim! Can't wait to hear how BIG your check is after the sale!

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