Wednesday, April 27, 2011 gift cerificates - What they are and why we love them. Thousand of popular restaurants. Fo

Each week I post about gift certificates. I realized that I have not written out an explanation on what they are and why we love them.

What they are gift certificates give you the opportunity to dine out with a great discount.
The certificates vary in amount from $10 to $100 gift certificates.
Each restaurant sets the rules that they want for the certificate.
Rules that may be included are
- Must spend X amount of money in order to use certificate
-Good for X number of guests
-Good only on specific days
-Specific gratuity amount added to the purchase

Why we love them
We love trying out new restaurants. gift certificates give us the opportunity to eat out and save money. During the month will offer additional savings on the certificates.
There are times when they are 80% off! You have the opportunity to buy a $25 gift certificate for $2.
You can use a certificate as soon as you purchase it. You print the certificate at home and take it with you to the restaurant. I really like the fact that keeps track of the certificates for you. When they go on sale for 80% off we will buy multiple for our favorite restaurants. We print them and keep them in the car. I love being able to grab them when we are out and about and decide to eat out.


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