Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coupon 101- Does Clipping Coupons Really Pay Off....

Coupon Math - Does Clipping Coupons Really Pay Off

When I first started using coupons I was not sure if they would really pay off. I had read many times about the "latte factor" in financial books. I used this equation to figure out how much coupons could actually save me. The numbers really showed me what an impact coupons could have on my checkbook. When you combine coupon savings with sales prices you can save an amazing amount of money.

$25 in coupons and sales savings a week equals
$100 a month
$1200 a year

$50 in coupons and sales savings a week equals
$200 a month
$2400 a year

$100 in coupons and sales savings a week equals
$400 a month
$4800 a year

$250 in coupons and sales savings a week equals
$1000 a month
$12,000 a year

I started my coupon journey with 1 coupon valued at $.25. My coupon use grew from that 1 coupon to using coupons for everything I can. Last year we were able to save over $10,000 with coupons and sales. I use the term journey because using coupons really is a journey. You learn as you go how to best utilize your coupons and maximize your savings.


Dawn Suhonen said...

I am trying to keep track of what I am saving and spending and I have save a TON each time. Hopefully I can make it work for us like that!!

Jenny said...

I am just starting out and learning. I am looking forward to seeing a decrease in our grocery bill.

Mary Stanton said...

Hi Tammilee, I just began following you and would like to know if you do a weekly list that shows Manuf Coup/Store coupons and lists the deals with each store each week? Just wondering. If not, do you have a suggestion on where us, Spokanites can find one that applies to our stores. Any help appreciated. Mary

Ginger said...

I know personally I've already since janurary saved roughly 600$ don't have much to show for the savings lol b/c it ends up getting spent on the kids, I really need to start working on the word no.

Trixie said...

Hi Tammilee!!
My fiancee and I just watched you on Extreme Couponing and we are soo excited that a fellow Spokanite was featured!! It gives us hope that we can save hundreds and travel as well. We have just recently started couponing and have not figured out the tricks yet, any tips for us local people about coupon "rules" for the local stores??

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