Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rite Aid 101

Rite Aid 101

Rite Aid is a great store for couponing! They offer amazing sales and specials.

Rite Aid Coupon Policy - I suggest printing this policy and keeping it in your binder

Single Check Rebates (SCR)
Rite Aid offers Single Check Rebates each month. Every month they put out a booklet that details the monthly SCR that are being offered. Some of the rebates are valid for a specific set of days others are good for the entire month. The great thing about SCR is you can turn them in online or via mail.
You can easily see what rebates are available for the month and request your rebates here.
I enter my receipts as soon as I get home so I know that they are entered and approved.
You can only request 1 check per month. Make sure that all of your purchases have been entered and approved before you request your check!
You can use a coupon for the SCR items! This is a great way to maximize savings and potentially make money on the items!

Rite Aid Video Values
A great way to maximize savings at Rite Aid is to utilize Video Value Coupons. Once you are signed up for the program you can watch videos and earn coupons. The videos range from quick clips to a few minutes. Some months you can earn coupons for dollars off your entire purchase. An example of this would be $4.00 off of your $20 purchase. The great thing about these coupons is they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.
You can view the current Rite Aid Video Values here.

+UP Rewards
+UP Reward print at the bottom of your receipts. You can earn +UP Rewards for purchasing specific items each week. The Rite Aid ad will show which items will generate a +UP Reward.
+UP Rewards can be rolled. This means that you can use +UP Rewards to purchase another item that generates +UP rewards or the same item again.  Before you purchase the same item again make sure you check and see if there are purchase limits.

Wellness+ Rewards Program
When you shop with a Wellness+ Rewards card you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. You can earn 25 points for prescriptions. The point accrue through out the year.
When you earn 125 points you will receive a 1 time shopping pass for 10% of your purchase
These print at 125, 250 and 375 points!
When you reach 500 points you will receive 10% off all non-prescription purchases and a free health screening.
When you reach 1000 points you will receive 20% off all non-prescription purchases
As soon as you sign up you earn great benefits!
-10% off all Rite Aid brand products
-Coupons that are for members only


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this I have been getting great deals at Rite Aid but I was curious about their programs. I got Purex today for .97 a bottle.

Gina said...

I have a question. I shopped at two different Rite Aid's this week b/c the first one was out of Purex. So I did the deals again, but I had exceeded my limit on some of the UP rewards (for Ziploc bags but not Crest). Do you know how often these cycle? I don't do that again.

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