Friday, May 6, 2011

Yanni Concert

A couple of nights ago I was given the opportunity to see Yanni in concert here in Spokane. I love going to live music events. There is just something amazing about hearing an artist in person. I have huge respect for anyone who loves what they do and is great at it. I have zero musical talent in me. I am so impressed when someone can sit down at a piano and produce a piece of music that is amazing to listen to.
I was not sure what the Yanni concert would be like. I was lucky enough to preview his new CD Truth Of Touch when it came out. I really enjoyed the music on the CD and hoped that the concert would be the same. I have to say that the concert far exceeded my expectations.  I was amazed and impressed with the joy and excitement that both Yanni and the other musicians showed during the show. They were all smiling and appeared to really enjoy what they were doing. They interacted together and really seemed to respect and admire each others talents.  The concert highlighted not only Yanni's amazing piano skills but the skills of each individual musician. They each had a moment to shine during the concert. The drummer brought the crowd to their feet when he stood up wearing a Gonzaga basketball jersey. Everyone went wild with excitement that he was supporting the local college team.
I have to say the individual musicians were great but when the entire group played together it was truly awe inspiring. The music was so engaging and relaxing at the same time. Yanni said at the beginning of the concert that he hoped that everyone was able to enjoy the concert and relax for a few hours. He hoped that the concert provided a few hours of joy and peace in a crazy world. I have to say that is exactly what happened for me. I am someone who is always thinking about what is going to happen next. I write and rewrite to do lists in my head and plot out how I am going to get things done constantly. During this concert I was able to turn off my to do list and just relax with the music. I found myself clapping my hands and tapping my foot to the beat. I left the concert relaxed and excited. I called my mom and told her she missed one of the best concerts I have been to in a while. She is a huge Yanni fan and really wanted to make it over to the event. I can guarantee the next time he is in town my mom will be here and we will have a mother/daughter night out.

I was provided with tickets to this event from One2OneNetwork. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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We're so glad that you enjoyed the show! Thanks so much for reviewing the concert.

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