Sunday, June 5, 2011

$1.00 off any 1 package of Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

Has anyone tried these? I picked one up at the store but now I am not sure what I should make with it.


Tana Fye said...

We've used them several times since they came out. We make pasta (any type) with chicken, bacon, & red pepper. To make the sauce the right consistency, add about 1/2 cup when you use the whole tub, which makes about 4-6 servings. This combination works well with the italian & the santa fe flavors. The santa fe flavor is also really good with corn added to the above. Haven't tried it with the garlic flavor.

There are also recipes on top of the containers to give some other ideas. Hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks for the printable coupon!

Anonymous said...

I take a couple of pieces of chicken and dice them up. cook it up and then add some black olives and cheese and the santa fe cooking and make chicken enchilada. But I have to do the same as tana and add milk or chicken broth to it the right consistency.

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