Saturday, June 25, 2011

4,000 Facebook Fan Celebration Winners list!!!

Here is a list of all of the 4,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway Celebrations Winners!

Mary Kay Giveaways

Mary Kay Foundation- Valerie Clemente

Mary Kay Nail Polish- Leigh Card

Mary Kay Microderm- Kassi Belshaw

Mary Kay Mascara- Alyssa Fo

Mary Kay Mineral Eye- Michelle

Mary Kay Travel Size- Kassi Belshaw

Mary Kay Favorite Product 1- Cynthia O'Brien

Mary Kay Favorite Product 2- Melissa

Mary Kay Favorite Product 3 -Allison

Other giveaways

$10 Gift card to Little Miss Kates -Julia Holbrook

Scentsy Circle -Angel Elkins

Johnny Reid DVD -Sena Cracium

$10 Mary Kay Gift Cert.- Erin Kelly Ramberg

Michael Franti CD -Rachel Rice

$10 Target Gift Card -Dena Taylor

Basket of Goodies -Kathleen

Blog Design -Emily Martinez

Coupon Binder Inserts- Donita

Uprinting Calendar Cards- Lisa Blackman - please send me an email ASAP!

East Coast Coupons -Cheryl Young

$25 Gift Cert- Kathi

$25 Gift Cert -Patricia Zagoya


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