Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Albertsons/Staples Shopping trip 6/21/11

Albertsons/Staples Shopping trip 6-21-11

I know it sounds really odd to pair a Albertsons shopping trip with a Staples trip but it was a huge money saver.

Albertsons has a deal this week that when you buy $100 in gift cards you receive a $20 off your next order coupon. Knowing I was going to Staples to pick up printer ink I went to Albertsons first and picked up $100 in gift cards resulting in $20 in FREE Groceries.

I then went to Staples and took advantage of their new coupon.
This coupons gives you a FREE Eco bag and 15% off items you can put into it.

Here is what I picked up
1 Staples Eco Bag - $.99
2 HP Black Ink XL @ 35.99 = $71.98
1 HP Yellow Ink XL = $25.99
Total price - $98.96

-$.99 for FREE Eco bag
-15% discount for bringing in the Staples Coupon = -$15.69
Paid $83.27 +7.24 in tax = $90.51

I will receive 20% back on Ink Purchase on my Staples Reward Account = $16.65
Turned in 4 ink cartridges at $4.00 for a savings of $16.00
New price = $57.86

Plus I received $20 in FREE Groceries at Albertson's for buying the gift cards
Final price - $37.86

I love being able to stack 2 amazing deals at 2 different stores together.


Angel said...

The only thing about these type of trips is having the on hand cash to be able to invest into the rewards. It was definitely a great trip though!!! Printer ink isn't cheap and I just found out about the returning cartridges to Staples last week and was excited over it.

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