Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrating 18 months without Soda

This week John and I are celebrating going 18 months without buying or having a soda. This was a huge change for us. We drank soda all day every day and it really added up. When we sat down in January 2010 and looked at our expenses we realized how much money we were spending on soda. It was amazing to think that one item could make such an impact in our budget.
Now that we have reached 18 months without soda I thought I would look at how much giving it up has saved us.

Average price of a 12 pack of Soda -$3.00
Average number we were going through a week - 6
Total $18.00/week in Soda
$1404.00 in savings over the past 18 months

Average price of soda refill John was picking up each day at work - $1.18
Total for 5 days a week - $5.90
$460.12 in savings over the past 18 months

Average price of a soda while eating out - $3.00 X 2 = $6.00
eating out once a week - $24 a month
$432 in savings at an average of once a week
(we were eating out a lot more than this at times)

Total estimate savings - $2296.12
This does not include the misc. soda's that we would buy when we were running errands, traveling or at events.  I would not be surprised if there was an additional $500 spent on soda's at misc. times.


Kim said...

Wow -- that's incredible! We gave up soda and cold cereal a couple of months ago (we drink water and have oatmeal or toast for breakfast). I estimate we were spending at least $25 a week on that stuff. Now I spend less than $5 a week on oatmeal that i buy in bulk instead. We save on average $20 a week, which is about $1000 a year!! Amazing how much less important that kind of stuff seems when you look at it that way, huh? I'm sure you're healthier too! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...your braver than I.

Kassi said...

Wow thats great! I've almost completely given up soda. I don't buy it on a regular basis but I still give into my cravings sometimes. I'm still working on it but seeing this may help me to give it up for good.

Anonymous said...

i gave up caffiene when i was pregnant. so that 9 months was the longest i have gone without caffinated soda. i still had sprite and root beer though. a few years ago i went about 4 months without soda. it was tough.

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