Monday, June 27, 2011

FYI- Notice I received from Life Lock about Citigroup date breach

FYI - I received this notice from Life Lock and wanted to share it with all of you!

Monday June 13th this info came out
According to Reuters, Citigroup, the third largest U.S. bank, announced late Wednesday that the names, addresses, card account numbers, and emails of about 200,000 bankcard holders had been exposed when computer hackers accessed Citigroup's network. The bank discovered the cyber attack in early May.

The bank is now part of a large and growing group of companies experiencing data breaches in 2011, including Sony, Epsilon, Google, the State of Texas, the New York Yankees, and Michael's Stores. In total, more than 114 million records have been exposed in the first half of this year – that's nearly four times the number of records breached in all of 2010.1

The breach experienced by Citibank has initiated action by banking regulators to develop and adopt new regulations to enhance security. The Chairman of the FDIC, Sheila Bair, on Thursday suggested the FDIC may ask some banks to strengthen their authentication when a customer logs into an online account.

Currently many of the existing regulations concerning breach notifications occur at the state level. Despite the high number of recent successful cyber attacks, four states still have no legislation requiring companies to notify consumers of a data loss.2

LifeLock recommends taking the following actions if Citigroup notifies you that your information has been exposed:

Do not provide sensitive information in response to emails from Citigroup or Citibank.

Even if an email looks legitimate, do not provide sensitive information like your credit card security code (the three digits on the back) or Social Security number to anyone claiming to be from Citigroup

Change your password.
To be on the safe side, change your Citibank online account password.

Check your statement.
Review the online statement for the credit or debit card you have from Citibank. If you see suspicious activity, notify Citibank immediately.


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