Monday, June 13, 2011

Produce 101 - Blackberries

Produce 101 - Blackberries

Picking the best
When selecting blackberries look for plump, deep color, clean and fresh in appearance. Blackberries do not ship very well because they are highly perishable berry, so local grown blackberries are your best bet. Check blackberry containers for mold, overripe berries, and or leaky berries which is a sign of distressed fruit.

Blackberries should be consumed shortly after purchase and will only last a few days refrigerated after purchase. Best when stored on a shallow tray single layer with paper towels placed over the top. Always remove moldy berries and consume the soft, overripe berries immediately and return the rest of the berries in to refrigeration. Like all berries blackberries freeze very well. 


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