Friday, June 17, 2011

Produce 101 - Blueberries

Produce 101 - Blueberries

How to pick the best
When selecting blueberries look for deep – purple to dark blue, firm and plump. Unlike other berries blueberries should have a chalky appearance instead of a shiny appearance like the strawberry, blackberry or even raspberries. Check blueberry containers for mold, overripe berries, and or leaky berries, which is a sign of distressed fruit.

When storing blueberries, open container and sort through berries discarding moldy or overripe berries. Berries that are ripe ready to eat should be eaten in 24 hours. In refrigeration blueberries should last up to a week continuing to inspect for overripe or moldy berries. Blueberries freeze very well but their taste and texture will be slightly different. When freezing blueberries make sure berries are not washed and completely dry.


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