Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Produce 101 - Pineapple

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Produce 101 - Pineapple

Picking the best
When selecting pineapple, select one that is plump and fresh looking and as large as possible; the larger the fruit, the greater the proportion of edible flesh. Fresh deep green crown leaves and sweet pineapple aroma at the bottom of the pineapple should be noticeable. Pineapple that is old looking, dry, and with brown leaves should be avoided. Avoid pineapple that is bruised, soft spots, and dark watery spots

Pineapple will not ripen after it has been picked from the tree. Pineapple should be consumed as quickly as possible. Storage at room temperature, pineapple will last up to three days and in refrigeration up to a week.


heather said...

go with the smaller golden ones if you are looking for a sweeter juicier pineapple,,maui golds are the best for sweetness and juice! another lil tip is pineapple helps digest your food.. so after those huge meals whereyou feel like exploding grab a slice of pineapple and it will fix you all up! ( giggles sorry i live right down the road from the pineapple fields,,hehe)

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