Saturday, June 4, 2011

Great FREEBIES that are currently available!

Here is a list of great FREEBIES that are currently available.
I use a separate email account just for freebies. That way my personal account only has emails from friends and family.

-Free custom designed T-shirt (Just pay S&H)

-FREE 8X10 Canvas ($14.95 S&H)

-Free one week pass to Curves

-Athena365 - Free Internet radio

-Free trade publications

-Free Arthritis Guide Book

-Bing Rewards - Earn points for using Bing

-Free Cupcake Cookbook

-Free Recycling Crafts Ebook

-Free Healthy Low Cost Recipe Ebook

-Free 21 day guide to Diabetes Control

-Free Career Advice guidebook

-Free Grilling e-cookbook

-Free travel guidebooks


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