Thursday, July 28, 2011

Franz Bread Outlet shopping trip

Franz Bakery Outlet

So I think I may have been living under a rock for the past few years. Somehow I have missed out on the amazing shopping at the Franz Bakery Outlet Store across from Costco in the valley. I have heard it mentioned a few times and even John has told me about it but I had never made it in there. Today that changed and I may have a new favorite place! My goodness they have some crazy amazing deals.

Here is what I picked up today

1 Loaf of Cinnamon Swirl Bread (looks dangerously good)
3 loafs of Garlic Bread
1 package of hot dog buns
2 loafs of Organic wheat bread
2 whole wheat loafs
2 Hawaiian English Muffins
3 Raisin Muffins
for a grand total of $15.27!!!

We went to Walmart for a few things and I priced out everything I had purchased. If I would have bought this exact amount at Walmart it would have cost me $42.87

I saved $27.60 by shopping at the Franz Bakery Outlet!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey tamilee I wanted to let you know that there is a franz outlet bakery on monroe street as well so you dont have to drive all the way out to the bakery. Its just a few blocks south of garland on monroe

sena said...

My dad used to shop at bread outlet stores when I was a child....and I always was embarrassed! Is the bread expired, or is it just extra invetory? I was wondering about the freshness of the bread...

Kassi Belshaw said...

I shop at the franz outlet store all the time. Their bread isn't expired and it taste great. They also have cheap Cyrus O'leary pies there.

Anonymous said...

on saturdays they have their Super Saturday deals on the back wall where they pull the inventory that's coming close to date and sell it for like 69 or 89 cents each (i think?), so selection varies as to what they have each week. we usually just do our shopping every other saturday, to get the most bang for our buck, at the one off market/francis and then freeze our finds and it lasts just as well.

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