Sunday, July 3, 2011

Produce 101 - Grapefruit

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Produce 101 - Grapefruit

Pick the best
When selecting grapefruit like any other citrus fruit look for heavy, firm and smooth texture, with a well rounded or flattened shape will indicate a juicy grapefruit. Avoid grapefruit that is coarse, puffy and rough. Since grapefruit is three quarters liquid heaviness is a good indication of juice content. Do not worry about color when selecting grapefruit; color can range from pale yellow to russet or bronze. Brightly colored fruit is naturally more appealing but it does not mean it is going to be juicier or taste better. Minor surface blemishes do not affect the eating quality, although the presence of a bad bruise may indicate some internal breakdown.

 Store grapefruit at room temperature up to a week and four weeks in the refrigerator.


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