Sunday, July 10, 2011

13 Hours Left - Savemore - Sunglass deal = $3.28 a pair of sunglasses when you buy 3 and use your $10 free credit!

**There are 13 hours left for this deal**
SaveMore Sunglasses deal

If you have not used your $10 credit this would be $2.00 OOP

I spent some time on the SharpShades page to see if there was anything I liked.
Here is what I found out

-All sunglasses are $8.95
-Shipping is $5.99 flat rate

Here is the deal I figured out
Buy the SaveMore $25 certificate for $12.00 with credit - Pay $2.00 OOP
Find 3 pairs of Sunglasses on - $26.85
Used $25 credit from Savemore = $1.85 OOP
Pay $5.99 for Flat rate shipping = $5.99 OOP
Total Out of Pocked Expense - $9.84 for 3 pairs of Sunglasses
= $3.28 a pair of sunglasses!!!!

There are a ton of super cute sunglasses that look designer on the site!


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