Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coups for Troops - Mailing coupons overseas

Many of you have asked about how to send expired coupons overseas for military families. I wanted to share with you a program that matches you with a military family.

CouponsToTroops  (   It is our goal to spread awareness about overseas military families being able to use coupons that are expired, up to 6 months past the expiration.  But it is also our goal to get coupons right into the hands of those military families as quickly as possible.   We have a growing list of military families on our contact list who are interested in receiving coupons and we will match up anyone requesting a military family to send their coupons to.   To request a family, all anyone has to do is send an email to us at  and we will put them in touch with a military family.

For our military families, the coupons are being received by so much quicker when they are sent directly to them, than when coupons are sent to a collection point in the US and then need to be repackaged up before they are mailed overseas. As it is, sending an envelope directly overseas can take up to a few weeks, but when you add in the extra time to get them to a collection point, and the time to get them sorted and repackaged and then mailed overseas, it can be over a month before the coupons are in the hands of the families who need them.

For our senders, they'll know that their coupons are being received and that they are appreciated as they have that one-on-one contact with the family they are sending to. And best of all, there is no additional cost to send the coupons directly overseas, as it is the same exact postage cost as if you were mailing across town.


JillBari said...

Thank you for sharing this valuable program. I know I'll be signing up.

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