Friday, August 26, 2011

Review - System Mechanic

Review - System Mechanic Computer Program from iolo

I was recently given the opportunity to review System Mechanic Computer Program from iolo. I was so excited when I heard I was going to be able to try a computer system cleaner. My laptop has been a bit possessed for the past few months. It was taking forever to start up and even longer to get to the Internet. I decided to use the System Mechanic program on the laptop first. One of the first things I found that I really liked was the dashboard that shows what the program is doing. I was able to easily chose which files I wanted cleaned up and view what the program was doing. I was amazed at how many things the program found to clean. After running it twice just to make sure everything was done I shut the computer off and restarted it. I have to tell you it was amazing! My laptop started right up. I did not have to wait 10 minutes for everything to process through. The real test was getting to the internet. It took a lot less time to get to the internet. I have been running the program for a couple of week and so far I am really enjoying it.   

Here is some great information on the System Mechanics Program provided from  iolo:
The all-in-one solution for ultimate PC performance and trouble-free computing
 Fixes errors, crashes and freezes
 Boosts internet speeds
 Speeds up Windows start time
 Restores system stability
 Cleans out clutter and junk files
 Prevents slowdowns and bottlenecks
 Plugs security holes
 Clears out private data
 Improves gaming experience

New and Enhanced Features in System Mechanic® 10.5

Designated Drivers™
Outdated driver software is a common cause of PC slowdowns and errors. The new Designated Drivers tool keeps device drivers on your PC up-to-date by detecting and then automatically updating outdated software, using only Microsoft-approved updates that have undergone extensive testing for stability and compatibility.

SSD Accelerator™
While solid state drives (SSDs) can be a faster alternative to traditional hard disk drives, these state-of-the-art drives still tend to suffer from incremental performance loss over time. The new SSD Accelerator streamlines and optimizes the SSDs, improving overall PC performance and extending drive life and dependability.

Program Accelerator™
Over time, the many files that make up a program tend to drift apart and become scattered across the hard drive. The patent-pending technology in Program Accelerator realigns these program files, resulting in programs that launch faster and respond more quickly.

CRUDD Remover™
The CRUDD ("Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers") Remover detects and displays the redundant programs that impact PC performance and stability. You can then make informed choices about which programs to keep and which ones to remove.

Whole Home Licensing™
Previously, one System Mechanic license could be installed on up to 3 PCs. Because many people now have more than three computers, System Mechanic is now licensed under the Whole Home Licensing program that allows you to use one license on all of the PCs in your household.

Internet Connection Repair
A new repair feature that fixes damaged or broken internet connection problems caused by destructive software is now in ActiveCare® and the PC Repair PowerTool™.

Tune-up Definitions™
Tune-Up Definitions, the weekly research updates automatically delivered to System Mechanic customers, have significantly expanded and now have instructions that automatically resolve 18,000+ unique problems.

The drive defragmentation technology in DriveAccelerator is re-engineered both to incorporate new features in Windows 7 and to work in conjunction with the new Program Accelerator.

ActiveCare, the newly patented technology that fixes errors behind-the-scenes, adds more automated tasks that enable System Mechanic to automatically detect and repair more problems.

More cleanup, repair, and optimization functions are now in the all-in-one PowerTools that provide an easy solution to computer tune-ups by running multiple tasks at once.

You can find out more about the System Mechanic program on iolo website.

I was provided with a copy of System Mechanic to help facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own. I was provided with details on the program from iolo.


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