Monday, April 4, 2011

$8 for 2 Nine Hole Rounds of Golft at Pine Acres Driving Range - Spokane

$8 for Two Nine-Hole Rounds of Golf at Pine Acres Par 3 & Driving Range ($16 Value)

Historians credit golf's challenging nature for spurring the invention of snap-resistant steel shafts, stomp-proof golf balls, and sentient blades of grass trained in self-defense. Boldly step up to the tee with today's Groupon: for $8, you get two nine-hole rounds of golf at Pine Acres Par 3 & Driving Range.

Nestled in the long shadows of Spokane's towering pine trees, the lush, open terrain of Pine Acres grants Spokane's golf community verdant recreation. With an average tee-to-green distance of 84 yards, Pine Acres provides an ideal, low-pressure training ground for club-wielding cadets still calibrating their optimal swing-speeds. Dedicated duffers can traverse the nine-hole turf-loop in roughly an hour, leaving the rest of their afternoon open to reflect rigorously on their on-course performance or start secretly moving shag carpet into their own private, putting-green-themed speakeasy. Though the course's relative ease and the pro shop's generous club-rental fare ($0.50 per club, not covered by this Groupon) make this a perfect haunt for neophytes, the course is also suitable for masters of the white orb looking for a relaxing atmosphere to practice their short-irons, still seeking the hole-in-one that never was, or continuing their quest to find the Sand Trap Rake of Destiny.

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