Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guest post - Just Between Friends Half off sale - Tacoma

Kim sent over an update on her visit to the Just Between Friends Sale - Tacoma

Hi it’s me Kim Sandusky again! Tonight I attended the Volunteer Half Price Sale! This is what I found!

If you volunteer you get to attend an early session of the Half Price Sale. The public gets to shop half price on Sunday. How does the Half Price Sale work? Each consigner chooses if an item is going to be half price or not. If you see a tag that has a red star on it that item does not get reduced. If the tag has no star the item is available for half price. Volunteers get to shop Half Price Sale on Saturday Night before it goes Half Price to the rest of the public on Sunday morning! Here are my finds for the half price sale!

Note: I took my children with me. They enjoy picking some items that they like! So that means there are things I may not have purchased if they were not along but it makes the event fun for them as well!


Outdoor Gear Total $17.50

Bike 12.50

Barbie Scooter 5.00

Girls Clothing: $7.75

Mary Kate and Ashley Pink Bath Robe 2.00

Children’s Place Pink Cord Pants .75

Gymboree Green Shirt 2.50

Gymboree Green Princess Shirt 2.50

Gap Kids T-Shirt 3.00

Purple Jammies 1.50

OshKosh Tank Top with Pink Short and Head Piece 2.25

Toys $13.50

Little Tykes Pink Car 2.50

Star Wars Transformer Toy 10.00

Wind UP with Track Car and Boat 1.00

Books $7.00

Oriental Trading Summer Shorts with Fish Craft Project 2.50

Barbie Board Book 1.25

2 Books with CD’s 2.00

Pete’s a Pizza book and CD 1.50

Boys Clothes $9.25

Boys Belt .50

Madagascar Slippers 2.50

Swim Trunks 2.25

Blue Aspen T-Shirt 1.50

Green Shark Shirt 1.50

Red Hulk Shirt 1.00

 I got a 5.00 credit/coupon at the half price sale for being a volunteer
Total Cost= 62.77


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope I have inspired or educated others about this wonderful opportunity! In the next few days I will know how much I made!

Outdoor Toys For Children said...

Thanks for this wonderful post.These are definitely the kind of deals one would never want to miss. I highly appreciate your efforts for putting this up and making people know about these deals.

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