Monday, April 4, 2011

Wolffy's Spokane - I finally tried it out

Do you ever drive by restaurants and think that you really should try them but never seem to make it there? I have driven by Wolffy's for years and never stopped in. Every time I drive by I tell myself I really need to check it out. Well this weekend I finally did! I think John was tired of hearing me mention it every time we drove by the restaurant.
I am happy to say that the restaurant exceeded my expectations. We had milkshakes and they were amazing! John tried a peanut butter milkshake and it was made with scoops of real peanut butter.

I was really impressed with the prices.I took a picture of the menu so you could see some of the prices

If you are interested in trying out Wolffy's they are located in the Gonzaga district at
1229 N Hamilton St, Spokane

Now I need to find a new restaurant to try out. Does anyone have any suggestions for a great restaurant to try in Spokane?
Are there restaurants in  your area that you have driven by a dozen times and never made it inside? 


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