Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As Seen On TV Offers

Here are a ton of As Seen On TV Deals I just found.
Which ones have you tried? Which ones are your favorite?

As Seen On TV Aluma Wallet - Fashion Meets Function with this Trendy, Indestructible Wallet. Made of Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy, it Protects Against Identity Theft and Keeps RFID Cards Safe. Order today and receive an additional wallet and a Free gift for only $10.99 + S&H. Click Here

Easy Feet

As Seen On TV Easy Feet – Clean and Massage your Feet from Heel to Toe. Get Pedicure Perfect Feet in the Comfort of Your Own Home. Eliminate Dry, Cracked Skin in Just One Minute without Bending or Stretching. Buy 1, Get 1 Free Only $14.99 + S&H Click Here

Perfect Meatloaf

As Seen On TV Perfect Meatloaf - Get a Tender, Juicy and Perfect Meatloaf Every Time! Just Bake, Lift and Serve - It's that Simple. Buy 1 Set, Get 1 Set FREE - $19.95 + S&H Click Here

As Seen on Man vs. Food - World's Hottest Chili Pepper! These are Hard to Find in Stores - Now You Can Grow Your Own. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE - only $10 + S&H. Click Here


As Seen On TV Perks - Imagine All the Benefits of Your Most Beloved Push-up Bra Without the Hassle of Straps and Underwires! This Ultimate Convertible Bra has 15 Hidden Holes so You Decide Where the Straps Go, if You Use Them at All. Only 2 Easy Payments of $19.99 + S&H Click Here

As Seen On TV Glow Grip - Glow In The Dark Super Grip Traction Strips. Instantly Bonds to Most Surfaces - Just Peel, Press and Go. 5-year Glow Guarantee! Only $19.99 + S&P. Click Here

As Seen On TV EZ Moves - Move Furniture with Ease! EZ Moves gives You up to 10x Your Natural Strength. Just Lift, Place and Move Furniture Across Any Floor. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE - $19.99 + S&H. Click Here


Anonymous said...

Ooooh...I want one of those easy feet things. Everytime I see the commercial, I am tempted. If they bring it to my Wal-Mart check-out aisle, I just may splurge. I usually don't fall into the As Seen On TV hype...but sometimes I do buy them, especially if I think it's something I will use. I did order the Bump Its...two sets to be exact =)


Edmund said...

My favorite is World's Hottest Chili Pepper! I myself obsessed with chili pepper so I might buy one and get one free.

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