Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Produce 101 - Cabbage

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Produce 101 - Cabbage

Picking the best
When selecting cabbage look for well-trimmed, reasonably solid heads that are heavy for their size and show no discolored veins. Cabbage comes in a variety of types including green, red, savoy, bok choy, and napa cabbage. Although bok choy and napa cabbage is a different species altogether, they are still a part of the brassica family.

Cut cabbage should be used within two days of processing and to protect it from discoloration spray a little lemon juice on the shredded cabbage. Whole cabbage will last up to four weeks depending on type and variety. Green and red cabbage will last the longest, while the looser heads of the savoy, napa and bok choy will not last as long. Like most vegetables store unwashed to retain freshness and will last the longest in an unsealed plastic bag.


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