Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spokesman Review - NEW COUPON RATE!!!!!!

So excited to announce that I just got word that the Spokesman-Review now has a Couponer Rate!!!!!!
You can now order a minimum of 3 copies with a max of 10 copies of the Sunday paper at a discounted rate!!!!!!!!!

Inside Spokane County/Kootenai County - $7.00/month = $1.75/issue
Outside Spokane/Kootenai County - $8.50/month = $2.13/issue

To order call!!!
Spokane - 509-747-4422
Idaho - 208-765-7100

In order to keep receiving the other days of the week you will need a regular subscription on top of the discounted subscription.

I have 1 regular subscription and just ordered 3 papers at the discounted rate.
3 months = $63.00
You do need to pay when you call and order the additional papers.


Jessica said...

Way to go! Thanks for advocating for this rate for the coupon world! :)

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