Sunday, August 21, 2011

**SUPER CRAZY HOT!!!** HP Tablet for only $99!!!!!!


I just found HP Tablets on sale on Amazon for a crazy amazing price!!

HP Smart Buy 32GB - Only $149

I do not think these are going to last long! I just ordered the 32GB version! I am so excited


Keenly Kristin said...

Now they're $400+. Shoot!!!

Kristin :(

Donna said...

Just a heads up on these HP tablets. My son works for Best Buy and spent the summer at HP seminars learning about their new tablet. Unfortunately, HP has decided to quit making them. That may be why they're so cheap. I wonder, though, if apps will be available for them if they're not developing the product any longer. I had considered getting one myself, but I was worried about what the future holds for this product. I made the same mistake when I invested so much money in the Zune instead of in the iPod. Here's a link to one article concerning the HP touchpad:

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